I have used your Green Tea litter for about 10 years now. I love it! I tell so many people about it.  Many feel it is too expensive, but I insist that it is worth the cost, it lasts longer, is lightweight, the cats love it, does not aggravate mine or my pets’ allergies, smells fresh without perfumes, etc…most of the people who try it on my recommendation end up thanking me because they love it!

– Julie Edwards


I just wanted to tell you how impressed I’ve been with your Green Tea Leaves Cat Litter, which I’ve been using for years now.  I’ve actually made a local pet store in my area carry it regularly when they did not previously, after convincing the (dog-owning) store owner of its effectiveness.  I’ve also recommended it to other pet stores in my area.  Anyway, I have honestly tried every brand of natural litter on the market (and most non-natural ones too) and think yours has the best odor control, and is fantastic because it is clumping, low-tracking, lightweight, and smells nice AND it isn’t harmful to my kitties’ lungs or digestive systems.

– Laurel


I wanted to say Thank You!!! for your product.  I have had cats for over 6 yrs now, and I hate the smell of conventional cat litter, I hate the smell of ammonia that other cat litters do not cover up. not too mention the dust that really bothers my breathing.  I have not scooped out or cleaned a cat litter box in well over 6 years, I recently purchased a bag at the Portland pet expo, a few weeks ago, and have since moved the litter box into the bathroom (due to the superior odor control, no-dust, and it being flushable) and I have cleaned it out everyday now.  I am greatly impressed with this product and will shout it to the world!!!!  As long as I can still acquire this product I will NEVER use another litter…customer for life.

     – John Hodges, Aloha, OR


I bought Flush Clean…my cats loved it.  I love it because it’s so light.

     – Patti, Riverside, CA


(I received)…a bag of Green Tea litter to try at home (I have 6! cats 🙂 and I and my cats loved it!  It really eliminated any odor in the area.

     – N. Martin, Illinois


This litter is the best.  I have a cat who has all kinds of allergies and this is the best for her.  She has 2 sons and they also like it.  I do too, less tracking with the size of the litter.  Thank you.

     – Margaret, North Carolina


Yes, it tracks less than any litter.  Yes, please pass on the information.  It is great.  Easy to use.  Clean.  Everything you would want.  We also tried the corn litter and other non clay litters.  The litter was the size of clay litter.  And you have to work hard with the vacuum to get the small stuff out of the carpets, tile floors, wood floors, etc.  We have all kinds of floors.
Thanks for listening!

– Margaret, North Carolina


I tried this cat litter…I was very skeptical, and didn’t believe it would work.  I have tried a lot of litters, pine, corn, wheat, etc and most are not very good.  Well, this stuff works great, I put it in one litter pan, and used another litter in the other 3 weeks ago.  The other litter had to be change, the Green Tea is still working and has enough for one more week.

     – S. Brown


A friend referred me to Next Generation’s products.  To say that we are impressed would be an understatement.  It is an all too rare occurrence  today to find a company who gives such stellar customer service.  This company excels at that, and then some.  The two offerings of less dusty and no artificial products kitty litter which could help an asthmatic cat like ours is great.  While we can’t personally use the green tea version, it was a great option to have another choice.

Shipping is fast, customer inquires are handled promptly and it is a joy to be able to talk to a live person vs. a huge list of voicemail prompts.  I recommend Next Gen highly!

– Jane Parks-McKay, Santa Cruz, CA


We have been using both Green Tea, and Flush Clean kitty litter since day one with both of our cats, and couldn’t be happier with the product.  The one time we did stray to another litter, our cats had just been de-clawed, and we weren’t sure if the wood litter would be bad for them.  Not only was the other “low dust” litter dustier than the Green Tea Litter, but our cats were so offended that we changed litter on them, they protested on the rug outside of the box until we changed back to Next Gen’s product.  Not only can I say that we won’t use any other product, but our cat’s won’t allow it.

– Sally Hartwell, Moreno Valley, CA


I’ve tried many cat litters and this was recommended by my local pet shop and it is the best yet! Thank You!

     – Omer Divers


I started using Green Tea cat litter after being introduced to it at a Pet Expo in 2005.  The low dust level impressed me.  The litter I was using was great at order control and clumping, but when our cats would come out of the box they’d be coated with dust.  We decided to try Green Tea, and it worked wonders.  It clumped well, lasted an incredibly long time and absorbed odors so well, that when we had everyone over for Thanksgiving no one noticed the cat box in the dining room.

After that I decided to use it in my pet store.  We do rescue work, and it does a great job keeping the odor down without a fragrance smell. All of our cats both young and old adjust to using it just fine, and all of them end up going home with a bag when they’re adopted.

It’s definitely my litter of choice and my store’s number 1 recommended brand.

– Lisa Becerra