Green Tea Fresh Litter Bundle (5 x 5lbs. bags & FREE LITTER SCOOP)



(or $15.19 per bag)


We are offering a bundle which includes a case of our Green Tea Fresh Cat Litter (5 lbs. bags) and a FREE LITTER SCOOP. Our litter scoop has been designed to work perfectly with our cat litters and allows you to scoop while minimizing waste of unused litter.


– Approximately 5 pounds per bag


– 1 Case contains 5 bags & 1 FREE LITTER SCOOP


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Additional information

Bag Weight

Approximately 5 pounds

# in Case

1 Case contains 5 bags & 1 FREE LITTER SCOOP


Discounted price per bag when buying by the case.

PROP 65 Warning

We realize the requirement posed (only) by the state of California sounds scary. It needn’t be. The warning pertains to “wood dust.” Along with beach sand, wood dust was added to a list of more than 900 substances ruled harmful when overexposure occurs in the workplace, or even by a consumer. According to the law, all wood- and silica-based cat litters should state the Prop 65 warning to be compliant, though many do not.

There are several innocuous substances on the California list that with typical use, do not risk human or pet health (e.g. traditional clay cat litters are also required to carry the warning for silica or “sand,”). However, it’s our responsibility to label our products as required by law. Being a small company and to keep retail costs down, we chose to print only one packaging version, rather than incurring the cost of a “California only “ version.