Electronic LED Flea Trap

Electronic LED FLEA TRAP


The Electronic LED Flea Trap utilizes an LED lamp to attract fleas from a distance to a sticky sheet near the LED light. The fleas are unable to escape from the sticky sheet once they land on it. There are no pesticides on the sticky sheet – the fleas just become trapped.

We have conducted extensive testing of various light sources and found that fleas are most responsive to the blue color LED lamp. The blue color led attracted almost twice as many fleas as their next favorite color light.

Test Results

Electronic LED Flea Trap

  • Eliminate fleas without chemicals or pesticides
  • A safe and natural solution for your flea problems
  • See the results on the sticky pad
  • Battery operated - cordless
  • It’s portable – it does not require an A/C outlet

Directions for use:

  • Remove the protective cover from the sticky sheet
  • Lift the plastic grill on the Electronic LED Flea Trap and place the sticky sheet under the plastic grill and return the plastic grill to the down position until it clicks into place.
  • Place the Electronic LED Flea Trap in the infested room with direct line of sight to the infested area.
    • Fleas are often found next to walls, in room corners, under furniture or under rugs.
    • For best results place the trap with an unobstructed view of the infestation area.
  • Switch on the Electronic LED Flea Trap
  • The Electronic LED Flea Trap has three settings
    • On - solid light (Regular mode)
    • Off
    • On - flashing light (Eco mode)
  • The two modes
    • Regular mode – the LED lamp will shine continuously for approximately 15 days with new batteries (based on nighttime use only)
    • Eco mode – the led lamp will flash (on/off) for approximately 30 days with new batteries. Some people may be sensitive to the flashing light, in this case use the regular mode setting. (based on nighttime use only)
    • Switching to the flashing mode will prolong battery life.
  • For best results use the Electronic LED Flea Trap in a darkened room (overnight).
  • The Electronic LED Flea Trap is intended for indoor use only
  • Replace the sticky sheet when it becomes full of fleas.


  • Do not use in a wet / dam environment
  • Do not touch the unit with wet hands
  • Do not disassemble the unit
  • Wipe or clean the unit with a clean dry cloth, do not use water, cleaners or detergents
  • Do not place the unit near a heat source