Do you test on animals?

Yes and no. Yes we do “test” our product on animals, but no we do not subject them to any cruelty.

The testing we perform for our litters is in relation to preference, clumping, weight, etc. so our “testers” are only using our products as they are intended to be used. Fortunately, the ingredients of our products are all naturally occurring and have a longstanding presence in human and feline history. We felt we had enough precedent to rely upon when it came to unintended uses and therefore opted not to rub cat litter in anyone’s eyes just to see what happens.

Our treats are also tested by animals, but only after they have been approved by the FDA and other government agencies to make sure they are safe for consumption. Once they clear inspection, our “testers” make sure that they are canine and feline approved. (Honestly, we’ve been known to break off a piece of some of these treats and taste test them ourselves.) Fun fact, regulations on pet foods are actually stricter than they are on human foods and a can of dog food is often healthier for you than a can of food at the grocery store!