Does your litter really contain Green Tea?
Yes, Green Tea Leaves cat litter really does contain a green tea powder that is incorporated into our product during manufacture.  The Green Tea adds a wonderful natural scent to the litter box while also providing natural odor protection.
Where can I buy Next Gen products locally?

Next Gen cat litters are available in many local independent retail pet product stores.  Refer to the Retailers page on this web site for stores that currently carry our products.  If your favorite local pet store does not yet carry Next Gen litters, please suggest they contact us at info@nextgenpet.com.

Do you test on animals?

Yes and no. Yes we do “test” our product on animals, but no we do not subject them to any cruelty.

The testing we perform for our litters is in relation to preference, clumping, weight, etc. so our “testers” are only using our products as they are intended to be used. Fortunately, the ingredients of our products are all naturally occurring and have a longstanding presence in human and feline history. We felt we had enough precedent to rely upon when it came to unintended uses and therefore opted not to rub cat litter in anyone’s eyes just to see what happens.

Our treats are also tested by animals, but only after they have been approved by the FDA and other government agencies to make sure they are safe for consumption. Once they clear inspection, our “testers” make sure that they are canine and feline approved. (Honestly, we’ve been known to break off a piece of some of these treats and taste test them ourselves.) Fun fact, regulations on pet foods are actually stricter than they are on human foods and a can of dog food is often healthier for you than a can of food at the grocery store!

Why do Next Gen litters cost more than other litters?

They actually do not… When comparing the cost of cat litter it is important to understand the amount of litter used in a 4 or 6 week period.  The superior absorbency of Next Gen cat litter means that one 10 liter bag will last one cat up to 6 weeks with daily maintenance.  Consider how many bags of clay litter you would need for this same period of time.  Our research has concluded that one 10 liter bag of Next Gen litter is equal to 2 to 4 bags of other litters.

Why are Next Gen litters sold by volume instead of by weight?
Our proprietary manufacturing process makes Next Gen’s litters very lightweight and absorbent while at the same time very BIG on performance!  One 10L bag weighs approximately 6 pounds, and is equivalent in effectiveness to multiple bags of competing litters.   If we packaged Next Gen litter by weight, a 20 pound bag of Next Gen litter would be about 3.3 times the size of our current 10 liter bag.
Do both Green Tea Leaves and Flush Clean litters clump and are they flushable?

All of Next Gen cat litter products are clumping and flushable litters.  They can be safely flushed and will not clog your pipes.  Additionally because our litters form smaller clumps you dispose of less litter per clump making it more economical.

Is your litter low in dust?

Next Gen litters are extremely low-dust litters.  Cat owners facing feline asthma or allergy issues prefer Next Gen litters for this reason.

What kind of wood is used in Next Gen litters?

Next Gen litters are manufactured using recycled industrial wood scrap.  The scraps are primarily kiln dried cedar and cypress woods.  Next Gen does not use raw timber in the manufacturing of our products.

Is your litter environmentally safe?

All of Next Gen’s  litters are made with all natural ingredients like wood and green tea.  Next Gen litters are safe for the environment and can actually be disposed of in the garden as mulch.

How do I switch my cat from the litter I am using to Next Gen litter?

Some of our customers have switched their cats successfully at one time without any problem, however we realize that cats are individuals and have their preferences.  In case your cat is confused by the sudden change in litters, Next Gen suggests transitioning the litter box gradually:

Week 1               75% of your current litter and 25% of Next Gen’s Litter
Week 2               50% of your current litter and 50% of Next Gen’s litter
Week 3               25% of your current litter and 75% of Next Gen’s litter
Week 4               100% Next Gen’s litter

How much litter should I use in the litter box?

Next Gen suggests using 1 ½” to 2” depth of litter in your litter box.

Is there any impact to Next Gen product from the recent natural disaster in Japan on Next Gen Products?

Some of our loyal customers have expressed concern about radiation contamination in our products from Japan.  Let me assure you that our factory and all of the ingredients used in our products are FREE of radiation contamination.  Our factory is located 250 miles from the affected nuclear power plant, and the ingredients in our products are imported from outside sources.  The USA Customs & Border Protection agency is also inspecting all containers arriving from Japan – and they have found no problem in any product from Japan.