All Natural Cat Litters




Healthy Ingredients

Next Gen cat litters are made from ALL NATURAL ingredients.

The primary ingredient in all Next Gen cat litter products is WOOD.  The wood we use is carefully selected clean recycled wood scrap from factories that make furniture and / or musical instruments.

No Chemicals Or Artificial Fragrances

Wood has a natural ability to suppress bacteria and control odors in the litter box, there are NO CHEMICALS or ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCES in our cat litter.

Natural Clumping Cat Litter – No Clay Or Bentonite

Next Gen cat litters are extremely absorbent and they clump.  Clumps made from Next Gen cat litter are typically 1/3 smaller and lighter than clay litter clumps.  To dispose of the Next Gen cat litter clumps you can simply flush them (a few clumps at a time) down the toilet or dispose of them in the trash.  Clay litters are NOT flushable.

Economical – “Natural” Does Not Mean Expensive

Next Gen cat litters are economical!  One bag of Next Gen cat litter will last one cat for 4 to 6 weeks with routine litter box maintenance.  It is no longer necessary to change out the entire litter box every week (as is common practice with many clay litter users).  When calculating your actual cost of cat litter, consider the amount of litter used over a set period of time (for example one month).  This is much more valid comparison rather than simply looking at the cost of one bag vs. another bag.



10 liter Bag Comparison

Approximate weight of a bag

Number of clumps per bag

Length of time between changes

Standard Clay Litter

22 lbs. per bag

222 clumps

1 to 2 weeks

Next Gen Cat Litter

5-6 lbs. per bag

333 clumps

4 to 6 weeks

Features & Benefits of ALL Next Gen Cat Litters

  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Superior Natural Odor Control
  • Naturally Clumping / Scoopable Cat LItter
  • Made From Recycled Wood and Green Tea
  • Contains NO Sodium Bentonite or Silica
  • Lightweight & Long Lasting
  • NO Chemicals or Artificial Fragrances
  • Only the Natural Scent of Wood and Green Tea
  • A Safe & Healthy Environment For You and Your Cat

Keep Your Litter Box Fresh With Next Gen Cat Litter

Next Gen’s litters are all light-weight, water soluble and clump solidly. Timber Fresh, Green Tea Fresh and Cypress Fresh cat litters use natural ingredients like green tea and Hinoki cypress to suppress bacteria growth and fight odors without artificial fragrances. All Next Gen cat litters are made from recycled, sustainable materials including natural binders and are 90% lighter than clay.

Cypress Fresh

NEW CYPRESS FRESH – with the combined benefits of Hinoki cypress wood and green tea leaves, our powerhouse product Cypress Fresh delivers truly superior odor control. Smaller litter pellets mean reduced tracking outside of the litter box and now we have refined the Cypress Fresh formula for superior clumping too.

What is Hinoki Wood?

Hinoki wood has long been treasured for its unique ability to control odors, and to resist mold and bacteria.

The clean and refreshing aroma you experience when walking through the woods is the trees giving off phytoncide gases to protect themselves from insects and bacteria living along side of them.

Phytoncides are often used in aroma therapy as a stress reducer. They promote relaxation can also works as a decongestant (good for stuffy noses, sinus and chest congestion and other respiratory problems). Hinoki wood and its oils are also very gentle on skin. They are often used for treating skin irritations, rashes, cuts and abrasions.

Cypress Fresh cat litter brings that phytoncide experience and its benefits into your home.

Green Tea Fresh

NEW GREEN TEA FRESH - Improving on our established customer favorite, we've increased the amount of green tea in Green Tea Fresh adding to its odor fighting power and adjusted the formulation to improve clumping. Suppress bacteria & odors in the litter box the natural way, with Green Tea.

Why use Green Tea?

Green tea contains a tannin called catechin. Catechin is a type of polyphenol with astringents properties. Green Tea has even been used as an effective sterilizing agent in Japan’s O-157 (E. coli) bacteria epidemic in 1996.

Green Tea’s benefits extent beyond health benefits! Did you know green tea also works as an effective natural deodorizer? The antioxidants in Green Tea are also capable of suppressing the growth of bacteria in your cat’s litter box and bacteria is the primary source of cat box odors!

Timber Fresh

NEW TIMBER FRESH - Next Gen has combined over a decade’s worth of experience to make our newest product our most efficient and cost-effective yet. This all natural product provides excellent odor control while invoking a woodland feel with the power of Hinoki Cypress. Hinoki trees (and wood) have an inherent ability to control odors and to resist bacteria and mold without the use of harsh chemicals.